Saturday, 7 September 2013

September 7 - 1st Scary September update

I have been going through the blogs of my fellow jumpers to see where their planning or sewing is up to for Scary September.

Alison from The Artisanry of Acorn Cottage is working on getting the fit right for her bra by using a purchased one.

JuliN from The happy homemaker - redux has drafter her corset. An exciting step

Nothy Lane from Aft Agley has decided to do one shirt a week - wow - exhausts me just thinking about it..

becki-c from beccabeck stuff has made a start to her wardrobe for the PR contest by cutting out her trousers.

Louise From no 23 has galloped ahead and finished her first item for her wardrobe - a lovely top.

Sue from Quilt, Sew, Sew Sue has posted her plans for her mini wardrobe - looking good.

SarahLiz from SarahLizSewStyle has chosen the fabric for her pants - nice one!

Be sure to click on the links above and check out their progress.

As for me... I have traced and cut the paper pattern for my Vogue top - I just need now to make it my size. I am going to make it without the zip first - no no no - I am not wimping out - just a suggestion from Myrna that I get the pattern right first. Good idea.

If you have commenced your Scary September projects and I have missed your post - or indeed if you have pledged to Scary September and I have somehow missed it and you don't appear on the sidebar - please let me know and I will rectify ASAP.

Also - if you want to play along - it is not too late. You have until the end of September. Jump off the cliff any time and let me know.

As we go along and get more into it - I would like to post pictures of completed garments. I can copy off your blog. If you don't want me to do this, let me know and I won't.

Please forgive me if I haven't commented on your blogs of late. I have just got my broadband back YEAH.. I have been able to flick through most posts but I missed way too much to be able to stop and comment on all blogs. 

All is back as it should be now and I am cruising the web and reading to my heart's content.

Enjoy your sewing - that's what it is all about.


  1. Wow, maybe our quakes are the tremors of fear from over the ditch! LOL! Awesome!

  2. It's great to see how many people have joined you in trying out new things. I'm making a skirt for my daughter today and have installed my first zipper in many months. It seems as though I've been falling prey to the siren song of knit fabric! I'm planning on getting back to sewing more woven fabrics this summer, meaning, of course, I have to pay more attention to fit!

  3. fearless jumpers, that's too cute!I have fabric & a pattern picked out for my first project involving a zipper , mercy did I just say zipper? lol!

  4. I'm glad you are back on air BeaJay - most infuriating for you. Of course you can't catch up - it's jsut nice to have you back around. Thanks for this update - and yes, always get the pattern right before the zip. I've started work on my pants and will post progress next week when I have something to report....(the good and the bad...) Great idea to have us all on the sidebar, makes it easy to find the other jumpers.

  5. So glad to see you back! I would get more sewing done without this evil internet, but I would be so lonely.

  6. BeaJay you may think I am racing along, but I am saving the most difficult one till last, the dreaded bra. Hence me needing lots of time and patience.

  7. Hi BeaJay, I am sure I read somewhere that you needed to make a FBA for the tum, and that you were not sure how to alter the flounce - in fact I do remember you did, because I posted a comment about not being sure until I saw the pattern pieces. Well, I have of course not forgotten,and today I did a sketch of the concept - don't think I have your email, so I have written a post with my idea today (Friday 20/9).


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