Friday, 1 June 2012

I could kick myself

Or at least I could if I hadn't dislocated my ankle and still had a foot to kick with!
I have been so revved up ready for the one pattern many looks contest and now I can't walk to the sewing machine let alone sew!

I was at a client's premises yesterday and they had a hole the size of a large bread plate in their floor cleverly disguised by an overlay of carpet! They did at one stage have a board covering the hole underneath the carpet but that had migrated off the hole. Trying to escape being trodden on no doubt! Needless to say - I stepped in the hole and turned over on my ankle. An old injury (I would like to say an old sports injury but I would be lying) has left a weakness in my ankle and thus it dislocated and I had to put my foot back on my leg! Ouch!

Ugly foot picture from yesterday
Today - swellings gone down a bit - bruising starting to come out

In a strange coincidence the topic I was training was "Monitor a Safe Workplace" a core unit in the qualification I was teaching. I would like to think that my new client had been kind enough to arrange the accident for me so that I could have plenty of fodder to discuss during training - but alas - I think it was just my bad luck coupled with a hole in the walkway!

So  here I am feeling sad and sorry for myself and they do say that a burden shared is a burden halved (or something like that) so as I sit here befuddled with pain killer that just hazes the mind but doesn't actually take away the pain, I thought I would share with any one who is looking for a few minutes to fill in...... I am also in the mood to share my plans for one pattern many looks.

Now - I am entering this competition - not in any misguided deranged thought that I might win, but to challenge me and get me thinking outside of the square. Being so new to sewing I haven't experimented at all so this will force me to think of changes and I have been doing a lot of that.

Base pattern

Simplicity 2344

I have chosen this because it is in line with my level of skill at the present moment - it will still challenge me but not be too hard (I hope).

First example will be made in this knit border print but no changes to the pattern. I see my main challenge as being getting the print to be placed correctly. I have never worked with border prints before so this will be a first:

My second copy will be changed to a woven but one with a bit of stretch. A midnight blue stretch chiffon that will be self lined (not sure if that is the correct term but I want 2 layers of fabric of the front and back and one layer on the sleeves). I will also be leaving the sleeves unbanded so that they are nice flowing sleeves. I am hoping to roll hem it on my overlocker - never done this before so will be a learning curve. I am also hoping (ankle recovery permitting) to get out to a trimming store and get some sort of beading as shown in the sketch below. I have never tried trimmings either.

This gives 2 items which is enough for the contest but time permitting (I've already lost this weekend with my ankle and visitors coming) I would also like to make it in a white stretch (with a little sparkle) with no other changes:

And maybe a lace:

And --- if I get very adventurous I could even try a sample in the dreaded horrible mistake purchase of gold lame - just for fun: I hear gold is very on trend - this should be hilarious if I get to it.

Is anyone else entering?

Time to take more drugs and lie down.


  1. That ankle looks sore. Wish you a speedy recovery. Love the pattern you are working on for the PR Competition and the variations you have planned. Look forward to seeing the end products.......however many you manage to do.

  2. Ow! That looks so sore! Hope it feels better soon

  3. Oh your poor ankle! At least you have gorgeous fabric to console you. I have this pattern too- maybe I'll whip it out and study as you go.

  4. Thanks for all your kind thoughts.

  5. Ouch! But the irony is great! I've never dislocated my ankle but I have had more than two sprains - the last one was done while descending the stairs in a very well known comedy club on my first night in Manhattan, just fabulous, it was the last step too!

    Love the border print fabric and the shirt patterns you've chosen. You know you've really GOT to do the gold lame right? I have some fabric that falls in the same category, every now and then I pull it out and put it in a prominent place to freak out tigerboy.

  6. Thanks Tigergirl - hmm spraining your ankle in a comedy club - now that would have been funny. As for the gold lame - how about we make a pact. I do the gold lame and you create something from your error in judgement and really scare tigerboy.

  7. I'm saving them for when he does something that really peeves me and then I just might visit him at work in it lol

    I actually think I might have just the right pattern and fabric combo but I'm not sure his heart could take it.

  8. Hi BJ, Big Hugs, I'm so sorry about your ankle. Sounds like a good time to really give yourself and hug and lots of pampering!! I hope you will feel must better soon. Just so you know I changed my url and name of my blog so it would be more related to sewing but I'm still behind with blogging but I am sewing. Cheers, Jean

  9. Ouch! oh, that does look painful! I'm sorry to hear about the accident, I sure hope it heals up soon :)
    I like the blouse pattern, it looks so pretty and feminine.

  10. Hi, Beajay. I just found your blog through a search on SWAP sewing.

    Sorry to hear about your ankle. It looks really painful. Hope you are healing by now.

    I noticed in an earlier post that you were lamenting not having a sewing teacher. I have no idea where you live but if you live anywhere around Brisbane, I go to weekly sewing lessons with a fabulous teacher. Let me know if you want more information.

    I'm loving your blog so far. I can't wait to read more.

    Kelley (brissie71 on PR)

  11. I also just discovered your blog. I can totally sympathize with your pain. I dislocated my thumb last February. The healing process was long since I ended up needing a operation because tendons would not connect and am now just getting back to normal. I would imagine a dislocated foot would be even more painful. Hope you heal well and soon.


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